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How (Some) Ex's say their feelings.

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Oct. 8th, 2009 | 08:34 pm

Girl: Your new girlfriend is pretty. (I bet she stole your heart)
Boy: yeah, she is. (But you’re still the most beautiful girl I know)
Girl: I heard she’s funny & amazing. (All the stuff I wasn’t)
Boy: She sure is. (But she’s nothing compared to you)
Girl: I bet you know everything about her by now (Like how you knew just about everything about me)
Boy: Only the stuff that count (I can’t even remember the stuff she tells me when I think of you)
Girl: Well, I hope you guys last. (Because we never did)
Boy: I hope we do too. (Whatever happened to me & you?)
Girl: Well I got to go. (Before I start to cry)
Boy: Yeah me too. (I hope you don’t cry)
Girl: Bye. (I still love you)
Boy: Later. (I never stopped)

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