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Sep. 3rd, 2012 | 09:48 pm

when two hearts race
both win, they say
but it looks like i'm out of your league
since you tossed all my chances
right out of the park
when you left me alone
waiting on the concrete

standing on the precipice, 
bitter beads of sweat fall-
you see, i fell for you
as fast as you're running
towards a different finish line
where the odds are stacked
impossibly high
against all of mine

the ball's in your court
but the buzzer's been beaten
the bleachers stand to witness
this losing streak
because when what's at stake
is someone's heart
the best play is to cut the losses
and just admit defeat

the way you cheered my name
and grabbed my hand
without meaning
deserves a round of applause
well i'm trudging through
this walk of shame
with my ego on a stretcher
and my heart wrapped up in gauze

as the scoreboards shuffle, our little scuffle
slows down and shifts to first gear
does it make you proud
that the word around town
is that you're the best player of the year?

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