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I'm a crappy writer 98% of the time (including now)

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Jul. 18th, 2012 | 12:28 am

sometimes the words don't come out right
when they're minced with raw emotion
i'm not the kind of person
who is used to being part of this equation
so when you hold your gaze,
and whenever a smile envelopes your face
i catch my breath and wonder --
could you be the kind of boy
who could like a girl like me?

the first time somebody stole away
a piece of my adolescent heart
i locked it up and built defenses
for the next time someone put up false pretenses
but you have to understand
that although i'm a bit rough around the edges
when i fall, i dive in headfirst,
no second guesses.

so the next time you try and win me over
with your boyish, awkward charm
or every time you let your hand linger a little longer
when you brush your fingers upon my arm
you should know
not only are you making me feel
all these warm and fuzzy sensations
but you are also unknowingly, inevitably,
building up hopes
and expectations.

this little heart of mine is fragile
and a little bit more than afraid
but you should also know
that it's got a lot of room
for the kind of boy who'd stay.

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